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The present document details the necessary information regarding the owner of the website, as well as the conditions of access, registration and use of it.
In addition to these Terms and Conditions, we inform that the use through this web page and the contracting through it is governed by the following documents:

- Terms of purchase
- Privacy Policy
- Cookies policy

Users are requested to carefully read the abovementioned legal texts, together with these Terms and Conditions, as they contain all the information they must know about their rights and obligations.
FanporFan makes available to users the email
soporte@fanporfan.es in order for them to be able to present any doubts relative to the present document.

THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE PRESENT CONDITIONS shall be necessary in order to register, to make possible the access and use the Web application, and to be able to benefit from its services. To all effects, they shall be considered a contract between FanporFan and the client.

In compliance with Law 34/2002, section 10, of July 11th, on Services of the Information and Electronic Commerce Society, the following identifying information of the service provider of the website www.fanporfan.es (hereinafter, the Web) are provided:
• Corporate name: Bootdevelop S.L
• Registered Office: Calle Trafalgar nº 4, 9.- 08010, Barcelona, Spain
• Email: soporte@fanporfan.es
• Mercantile Register Registration Data: Registered in volume 44872, page 37, sheet B 469973
• Tax identification number: NIF B66549098

The use of any of the services offered on the Web grants, from its beginning, the condition of User and shall be considered an express, voluntary and unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions.
In order to access the services of the Web, in all that is not free or which does not establish a series of obligations, the User shall be of legal age and have the legal capacity and representation necessary to be legally bound.
The use of the services offered within the Web shall mean that the User declares he/she fulfills these requirements.
Children under 14 years of age do not meet the requirements to use the service and must not register or send us personal information. Young people between the ages of 14 and 17 should not send any information about themselves to others through the Internet without the prior consent of their parents or legal guardians.
Users who access the Web shall comply with these General Conditions and the special instructions of use shown to them at any moment. Likewise, he/she shall commit to act always in accordance with the law, good customs and the demands of good faith, using proceedings appropriate to the nature of the service he/she enjoys. Thus, the User may not make any modification or alteration of the contents of the Website, with the exception of the data that the User has provided, nor in any way may he/she damage its integrity or operation.
FanporFan may delete or suspend access to the Web to the User who may have breached any of the obligations expressed in these General Conditions. The User who intentionally or guiltily fails to comply with any of the abovementioned obligations shall be liable for all damages which, as a consequence, are caused to FanporFan or a third party.

FanporFan reserves the right to make modifications to the Web, as well as to these General Conditions. On the other hand, and given the special nature of the means chosen to communicate with the Users, FanporFan shall not be made responsible for:
1. The temporary impossibility of accessing the Web, or the specific information included in www.fanporfan.es or in those Web sites which User may access through hypertext links located on the Web at any given time.
2. The accuracy or timeliness of the contents, information and offers of products and services supplied.
3. FanporFan is not responsible if one or more of the Services are modified, deferred or canceled, independently of its will.
4. Likewise, FanporFan reserves the right to interrupt or suspend one or more of the Services offered in the User Accounts, at any time and without prior notice, for reasons of maintenance, deletion or technical update of the systems made available to them. In this case, FanporFan shall not be responsible and Customers may not claim any compensation.
Within the Web, there is simplified information, or written in such way to make it easier for the average user to understand it, therefore FanporFan shall not be responsible for any misinterpretation of the information presented here, with the exception of negligent action by FanporFan in the exercise of its functions, as described in these General Conditions.
FanporFan shall not be liable in any case for damages originated as a result of unforeseeable events, nor for those that are a consequence of the Users’ negligent behavior.
FanporFan shall not be responsible, whether directly or indirectly, for the misuse users make of the Service and the contents located therein.
FanporFan shall not be responsible for the contents, whatever they are, that users send through the User Account, through the email service or by any other means, therefore, being any responsibility regarding the contents sent attributable to the users.
It shall pay the prizes obtained by the participants by the process of obtaining gifts established within the particular rules of the game.
In the case of suspicious or fraudulent payments, including the use of stolen credit cards, or in the case of any other fraudulent activity (opposition to payment), FanporFan reserves the right to deactivate the Customer Account, to cancel any payment that has been made, and to recover all the prizes unduly paid.

All contents, trademarks, designs, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, domain names, and any other signs or elements that may be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights, and which are part of the Website, are the property of FanporFan or are of public domain or belong to third parties that have duly authorized their inclusion on the Web and are listed as authors or rights holders.
In no case shall it be understood that any license is granted, nor any waiver, transmission, total or partial transfer of said rights is conferred, nor are there any rights, and in particular, exploitation, reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication rights conferred over said contents without the express prior written authorization of FanporFan (regarding the design of the site or the use of the “FanporFan” brand) or the corresponding third parties.
Violations of any of the intellectual or industrial property rights referred to in this section shall be prosecuted through criminal and civil actions contemplated in the current legislation.
All contents, trademarks, logos, drawings, etc. which appear on the Web shall be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights expressly reserved to FanporFan, or, where appropriate, to the persons or companies appearing as authors or holders of those rights. Violation of the preceding rights shall be prosecuted in accordance with the current legislation. Therefore, the reproduction, exploitation, alteration, distribution or public communication by any means of the complete contents of the Web for uses different to the legitimate information or contracting of the offered services by the users is prohibited. In any case, the prior written consent of FanporFan shall be necessary.
You shall understand that, by joining our site and using any of our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.
You may not:
1. Create more than one FanporFan account for you and/or you business.
2. Create more than one account with the same IP address at FanporFan for you and/or your business.
3. Sell FanporFan Coins or accounts. Do not buy Coins anywhere other than www.fanporfan.es
4. Add accounts or profiles or pages or sites web of which you do not have the owner's permission to do so to FanporFan.
5. Use macros / Auto Clicks / Bots or external scripts or any type of automation within the Web.
6. Publish content that is hurtful, intimidating or pornographic, which incites violence, or which contains nudity or graphic or unjustified violence.
7. If your account is deleted, you will not be able to create a new account.
8. Breach the Conditions of Service of any of the sites you can reach from our Web.
9. Create fake accounts at FanporFan or linked sites for any purpose.
10. Enter Money in FanporFan with the purpose of reaching the collection minimum so as to be able to withdraw it taking advantage of the € 1 promotion offered at registration.
11. Create fake accounts at FanporFan and perform suspicious actions on them, such as Coin transfers.
12. Use Bots or external applications to FanporFan within FanporFan.
You understand that:
1. FanporFan shall not publish through your accounts or profiles.
2. FanporFan takes your privacy seriously and shall not sell your information.
3. FanporFan does not guarantee 100% system accuracy.
4. FanporFan is not affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest or any other network to which we link through the Web.
5. FanporFan shall close (shall ban) without prior notice those accounts which do not respect these conditions and shall not be responsible for any kind of refund or payment that may be related to those accounts.
Please, understand that if you refuse to accept these conditions, you shall not be able to use our services.